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    Me and my nigga mobbin

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    Roam / The Story So Far

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    One could not even HOPE for a better reaction to the surprise of licking a lime.  XD

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  10. A state of affairs.

    So, my life continues to be this odd roller coaster. I mean, when hasn’t my life been like that really. I have no medium. Only these points of extreme happiness or this miserable sadness.

    To update the sorry souls that actually keep up with this blog my life is pretty decent. Work continues to get better after all of the trouble I had a few months ago. I feel like I am back on the path to be successful & reclaim my former glory. I will be able to bonus again & give myself the ability to continue to grow my career. I have been working harder than ever to change the way I conduct myself & how I run a 46 Million dollar store.

    Personally? Well… Isn’t that someone. I continue to work on this extreme connection with someone that isn’t quite ready to leave their current situation & move forward. It’s a little crazy though. The time we spend together is nothing less than incredible. It’s been a long time since i have felt this sort of connection with another human being. It’s more than my usual, “Hey I care about this person so much” crap. It’s truly a different feeling. She is remarkable. If you saw us together, saw the way we looked at each other you would understand exactly what i am talking about. She fights so hard to push me away sometimes but always finds herself coming back. I have always been emotionally intimidating & what I always represents scares the shit out of people. She will figure it out. Well, I hope she does. She would be the first. There is no one I really rather spend my time with to be honest. It’s just like, I don’t know. She calms me? Understands me? Cares for me. I am just sitting her waiting for her to make the next move. I’m certainly still living my life & I am not holding back other opportunities. That would be foolish. I just know where my heart lies & I know exactly where that will take me. What sort of loyalty I have towards her.

    It seems as thought most of my friendships continue to improve. I have certainly made more of an effort to be consistent. Some weeks its tougher than others to come around because of work but I really have been working on it. It’s important to me. I really missed my friends & they truly make a difference in my life. Speaking of friendship… As though I had needed any more sort of excitement or anything something unexpected happened. Well, not unexpected actually… Regardless, I am quite pleased that it happened. I am a firm believer that if someone meant so much to know, knows you better than anyone & does not or will no cause any sort of detriment to your life it is always ok to make reparations with them. How long with this friendship last this time? Well, that is completely up to the other individual. This will be the first time we will be able to be friends without ANY complications. None from me, none from them just nothing. I mean that too. There is no me changing my mind if circumstances changed. I have finally left the past in the past so to speak & the things I used to get caught up in are dead and buried. It’s just nice to be around someone who is a lot of fun & knows how to make you laugh & feel good about yourself. I try my very best to pick this person up whenever they are down because of what they have going on in their life but I make sure to do it from a distance. I will only help so much before I become annoying & it becomes stale. Regardless, they know that I am always here for them & I feel like I actually am appreciated for it for once.

    In short? Life is pretty swell. Still difficult but nothing work having comes easy.

    Time to try to sleep so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow. :)