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    Listen to Cotton Eye Joe while looking at this gif.

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    if u dont appreciate the hard work that goes into a full anime, then ur lack of appreciating art is VERYYY low

    I was doing the sound effects in my head while watching this

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    please watch this this video made me into who i am today

    It is 1:30 and I am hollering laughing.

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  5. I am in love with this woman

    "The Margaery Tyrell that walks into the sept a fortnight from now will inspire a thousand songs."

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  6. When I’m a wreck I tend to reach out and try to make others feel better while they are going through there own troubles.

    Not because it means more that that or that there is sine sort of objective.

    I just have no capability to manage my own mess. So, I help others manage theirs. Seriously the only thing that feels normal anymore.

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    The Story So Far - High Regard

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  9. Into the void.

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    One donut to rule them all. [mirachravaia]

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